Friday, November 20, 2015

Fencing, Painting and Cutifying, Oh My!

We are officially SIX years old.  Party at our new space in December!!

It's Day 1 of fencing in our new half acre property on the corner of 34th & Powell.

We're creating 5,000 sq' of outside plant and product space + 60' of additional parking.

The chorus of jack and jillhammers digging the posts is music to our ears.  We love Superior Fencing!!!

The painters are finishing the exterior this weekend, too...  MEOW!

We're still open regular hours 10 - 6 on 26th & Schiller.  Holiday & Moving hours start on Wed 11/25, see left sidebar.

Goaties can't wait to show you our new shop...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last Pullet Day before our MOVE!

We'll be hosting two great poultry folks with teenage hens for sale on Sunday, November 22nd.  Details in our Chicks, Hens + Ducks section.

This is "Owly," Naomi & Shawn's Ameraucana aka Easter Egger and her incredibly orange egg yolks, even when fried hard.  Gorgeous and delicious. We <3 Scratch and Peck Feed!

Pullet Days for our new shop at 34th & Powell in December and beyond are in the works.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Carved by two sweet customers, thanks Camille & Emily! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We're moving December 1st! + Pullet Day 10/25

We're excited to share our news!! In time for our 6 year anniversary, we found an awesome new shop space just 1 mile north at 34th & Powell with double the interior, on a half acre lot, loads of parking & plant space, excellent landlords, a long lease and so much cuteness up our sleeves for it!  We just got the keys and will be renovating there while we're open as usual at our current space Every Day 10 - 6pm, until Dec 1st when our new site is ready and we switch to being open there.  More info on our website in the weeks to come. Thank you for being so wonderful!  #naomisturnssix 
Teenage Hen Breeds for this Sunday: 
Sex Links
Rhode Island Reds
Barred Rocks
White Rocks
Frizzle Bantams
Gold Laced Wyandottes
Silver Laced Wyandottes
-Possibly Cuckoo Marans and Welsummers

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eggs are back + Farm film screening

Eggs from Caldwell Farm are back in stock!


Documentary; In English; 80 min.
Directed by Portland filmmakers Elaine Velazquez & Produced by Barbara Bernstein

"Gaining Ground" tells the stories of two rural farms in Oregon and an urban farm in inner city Richmond, California, making extraordinary changes in their farming practices so they can feed their local communities healthy sustainably grown food. This is the food documentary that not only explores the problems of our food system but through personal stories shows what we can do to seek solutions.

Film screening is tonight 9/30 and Thursday 10/1 at Cinema 21 and you can buy tickets in advance or online here.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pullet Day on Sunday 9/27

Teenage chickens will be strutting around today starting at 2pm and may find their way into your car and back home to your coop...  breeds and more info here.  Our next Pullet Day will be on Sunday, October 25th (moved up from 11/1).

It's a beautiful day to plant some fall veggies and garlic, too.  And if you're biking around at Sunday Parkways, come on by and visit Oona and Binga, they're here working hard today...  ; )

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Farmers!  2016 Headwaters Farm​ Incubator land is opening up and it's time to apply!

Tour: Wed, 9/16 from 6 – 7:30pm. Open to aspiring farm applicants & curious people, learn about this excellent program and East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District​ efforts to utilize and promote conservation agriculture.  Rain or shine. Contact Rowan ( / 503.935.5355) for more information or to RSVP (space may be limited).  

Check out their Farmer Application and Farmer's Manual

A rainbow of FLOWER BULBS are in and certified organic bulbs will land later this month.

From the Audubon Society of Portland: Fall migration is officially underway – are you shielding your exterior light fixtures and drawing your curtains at night to reduce light pollution?  Many birds migrate after the sun sets, and bright city lights lure them into urban areas and confuse them by obscuring their navigational aids.  Once trapped in the city, birds may hit windows or circle buildings until they collapse from exhaustion.  It’s time to go lights-out, Portland! Details:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Garlic, Shallots & Fall Veggies + Pullet Day 9/6

Owly! our Ameraucana teenager
Looking for some fabulous teenage hens that have just started laying or are about to?  Check out this Sunday's breed list and details here.

Organic hardneck and softneck seed garlic and french grey shallots are in and ready for you, along with a gorgeous, very diverse array veggie and perennial herb starts.  Flower bulbs are on their way.  Many cover crop seed varieties in stock for home gardens and farms and more arriving especially for larger farm quantities.

Our first Farmer Cover Crop Price List for fall just went out, email or call if you haven't received it or if you're a working / market farm, landscaper or vineyard.

The weather is still summery and beautiful.  Great for preserving this season's bounty.  Another batch of fermentation crocks is landing soon.

Yay September!  : )

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Update on Garlic, Shallots & Cover Crops

Garlic and 30#s French Grey Shallots will be ready Wednesday, September 2nd!

Softneck varieties: 15#s Chilean Red, 15 #s Lord's Italian, 30#s Oregon Blue, 30#s Nootka Rose, 30#s St. Helen's, 15#s Susanville

Hardneck varieties:  70#s Duganski, 25#s Elephant, 30#s Purple Glazer, 70#s Shandong

We have lots of cover crop seed in stock and will be blending our 2-Way and 5-Way mixes soon, plus getting in pallets of seed for larger farm orders.  Though the season and daylight is moving forward, it feels like there may be a lot of summer left, we'll see...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pullet Day Breeds for 8/16 + Meeting tonight on the 'Sellwood Beetles'

For this Sunday's Pullet Day - Our breeder is bringing: Rhode Island Reds, Delawares, Ameraucanas, White Rocks, Cuckoo Marans, and a few Bantams.

From OPB's Think Out Loud segment "Beetles Invade Portland Neighborhood"
 - The city and the state agriculture department are holding an open house tonight 8/13, on the subject from 5pm - 7pm at the Sellwood Community Center - 1436 SE Spokane St Locate this site in PortlandMaps

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Leaf Beetle swarms + Fall starts and Pullet Day

Our next Pullet Day with Teenage Chickens is this Sunday at 2pm, more info here.  Beautiful fall veggie and herb starts in stock.  Plus our big sale on all Payback Organic items, continues through August 31st, see our previous post!

Have you heard about the Galerucella Leaf Beetles that were released in Oaks Bottom to control Purple Loosestrife?  They have been moving out into Sellwood, East and West Moreland and up into SE Portland.  They are primarily defoliating the related ornamental Crape Myrtle trees, but also roses, pomegranates and many other plants - birch trees, natives and vegetables are being reported, particularly in locations closet to the wildlife refuge.  If you are experiencing these beetles, please comment here to let the city know, including your approximate location.

KGW just reported on it, here is the video and article link.  And an OSU article from 1998 about this issue, talks about the specific impact on Crape Myrtle, as it is also in the Lythraceae family and generally discusses other plant populations, though the study was done on Morgan Lake, which appears to be very rurally situated outside of LaGrande, not in a dense urban area like Portland.

Here is what we wrote to the city: "We started hearing from customers this weekend, with disturbing swarms of these beetles at their houses, on them and on their plants, particularly Crape Myrtle, Roses and Pomegrantes. Yesterday on 8/9/15 they found the Crape Myrtle nursery plants at our shop and did severe defoliation damage within a few hours in the afternoon. We sprayed the plants with neem oil and quarantined them. We have not had to use any insecticides on our nursery plants in the past six years. Neem oil is the most organic option, but still needs to be used with care. It has the lowest toxicity when applied at night while bees are inactive. The Xerces Society has more info in this pdf about the best times and ways to apply organic pesticides."

Here is an update from ODA's Noxious Weed Program on 8/12/15.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Big Sale on Payback Organic Feeds! + Summer Sale Spectacular

The entire month of August, ALL Payback Organic Feeds are $1 off each bag: Layer, Pullet, Chick, Goat/All Breed, Rabbit, Soybean Meal & Alfalfa Pellets + others and larger quantities by Special Order, just email or call us.

Also, Oona wants to tell you how cute you are.  She and Binga are back at work for nuzzles during the week more now that the heat wave passed.


Plus the Feral Cat Coalition is offering FREE Spay & Neuter Services all month during the Summer Spay Spectacular!